Various projects from the archive

  • FEA of lumbar spine

    Finite element analysis of the lumbar spine to investigate changes in loading following a osteoporotic fracture treated with kyphoplasty

  • Virtual x-rays

    "Virtual x-rays" generated for validation and use in conjunction with numerical bone remodelling analyses

  • Impact of hip implant cup

    A dynamic finite element study simulating the impaction of the shell and liner of a modular hip implant into the pelvis

  • Wear analysis

    Wear as ses sment of retrieved metal-on-metal hip implants using Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) data and non-linear analysis

  • Bone remodelling analysis

    A numerical bone remodelling analysis investigating the long term stability of the Corin MiniHip conservative hip stem

  • FEA of sliding hip screw

    A finite element study of the 3-hole Tectona sliding hip screw plate and comparison to the "gold standard" 4-hole plate