Implant retrieval analysis

What is an implant retrieval?

Implants may need to be revised prematurely for a variety of reasons. The revised implant is known as an implant retrieval.

What can be learned from retrieved implants?

Retrieved implants can be analysed to determine the cause of revision. The knowledge gained from revised devices can be used to change both clinical practice and implant design leading to improved implant longevity.

Implant retrieval analysis at MDR

MDR Australia can perform a number of testing protocols on the retrieved samples, including histopathology, engineering, trace element analysis and radiology. For more details download the Implant Retrieval Analysis Brochure or contact us.

What to do next?

  • 1. Download and complete the Implant Retrieval Analysis Form
  • 2. Package the retrieved implant with surrounding tissue samples
  • 3. Send (by approved courier) the packaged implant and form to: Medical Device Research Australia Pty Ltd
    Unit 26, 45-51 Huntley Street
    NSW 2015